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Evolved Perspective

Evolved Perspective is a place where people who have a story to tell can find the inspiration and resources to fully explore their creative aspirations.

We are creatives. We’ve come to our love of writing fiction and non-fiction and of photography from different paths—different cultures, languages, careers, professions and generations. We have found common ground on our journey to learning the art and science of storytelling. 

There is logic, beauty, and abandon in story creation.

Join us as we explore the varied world of storytelling and story creation. Meet us in that place where the self, desire and change collide—where thoughts touch dreams.  

Pamela Hines

Pamela Hines

Writer, Founder

I am a Pediatrician and I love what I do. I’ve logged tens of thousands of hours of night call and weekend duty helping babies, kids and teens and their families through some traumatic and stressful times. No matter how tired I have been, their stories always invigorated me.

In 2008 a lightbulb went off—Medicine is Story. I listen, I analyze, and make connections to help them choose their best path. I’ve had a bedside seat to one Hero’s Journey after another. How humbling is that? I began journaling.

In 2011, I began writing stories in earnest. I earned a certificate in Fiction Writing from UCLA Writer’s Program and am in the progress of obtaining certificates in Editing and Publishing. Everyone has a story to tell and it is my mission to assist in bringing that precious thing into the world with minimal pain and maximal joy.

Macarena Gardetti

Macarena Gardetti


Storyteller. Conscious dreamer. Believer in the magic of language and words. 

Writer, Developmental and Copy Editor, Story Analyst, Script Supervisor, Translator and Interpreter with a demonstrated history of working in all areas. Skilled in Creative Writing, Prose, Screenwriting, Film Production, Script Consulting, Story Analysis, and Story Development.

Studied Creative Writing, Short Fiction and Screenwriting in Film and TV at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation in English/Spanish at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (Argentine University of Enterprise). 

Worked as an intern and an assistant at Film Crash as well as for a couple of important Hollywood directors such as Faye Brenner and Rob Bowman and has several projects in pre-procuction and post-production.

Guadalupe L. Gardetti

Guadalupe L. Gardetti

Designer, Photographer

Artistic creatorIntrepid traveller and explorer. A bundle of energy and joy. 

Artist, photographer and designerSpecialized in Documentary photographyLandscape and wildlife photographyPortait photography 

Studied Creative Photography at Escuela de Fotografía Creativa Andy Goldstein. Doing freelance work in different parts of the world. 

Our Philosophy


You can do this! Writing is an individual endeavor absolutely worthy of your time. I believe we are all here to discover and to share our unique gifts. I’ve been privileged to care for sick children and follow their stories. I never tire of their resilient, inquisitive spirits. They remind me to hang on to my inner child—to let imagination, hope and a little devilishness in to each day and every page. I wish that for you as well.

Pam Hines

Founder, Evolved Perspetive

Writing is like riding a bike, once you’re past that first fear of falling, the great terror of a blank page, you never forget how to do it and you let yourself enjoy the ride. Writing is playing. Once I immerse in it, I loose myself entirely. I loose myself in the story, in the characters and let myself wander. And even though we don’t have to make sense on paper, there’s always a story that makes everything make sense.

Macarena D. Gardetti

Writer, Evolved Perspective