Search For Beauty in LA

Still The Land Of Dreams?

Sunshine. All. The. Time. Nirvana, right? Maybe. But weather doesn’t make a home, or a community. 

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Streets lined with palms trees, sandy beaches stipled with breezes and ropes of grey freeways snaking from suburb to suburb.

Years ago I read an article about the new Archdiocese touring Los Angeles. He said something about how it was important to get off the highways to see the people and living going on under the roads. To see the culture, the art and aspirations of people different from yourself.

In this project we’ll take the offramp and explore a Los Angeles that is about so much more than any social media post.

CATEGORY: Los Angeles 


DATE:  September 2020

A walk along the Marina Del Rey breakwater

grey concrete building during daytime